Easygrass having many years of experience in the construction of sports facilities undertakes the complete construction of all types of professional field surfaces. We undertake the construction of tennis courts from the most traditional method of the earth surface, which is intended for all users up to the construction of tennis courts with synthetic turf and acrylic floors, which are produced specifically for their installation in sports areas such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball.

With the latest technology, we install acrylic floors through a wide range of types and colors, which are widely known in the field of sports as they provide elasticity, the correct bounce of the ball, shock absorption allowing speed control and protection of the athletes’ joints making a more comfortable game.

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Acrylic Flooring is an outdoor sports flooring method widely used in the construction of sports grounds. It is a water-based paint. There are many colors for acrylic flooring. The available types of acrylic floors are standard, pillow and acrylic paint in SBR rubber. Generally, acrylic floors are used for the construction of tennis courts and the construction of basketball courts.

The acrylic-based paints used for building the stadiums are of a high standard, self-leveling, non-slip, color (long-lasting) color for sports flooring consisting of acrylic resins, asphalt resins, cement and special enhancers. They are applied on surfaces of concrete (cement) or asphalt.


It’s simple to apply because of its self-leveling character.
It has low cost per square meter.
They create a colorful, uniform surface.
They are water-impermeable.
They are simple to apply because of their self-leveling character.
They are robust, so they are non-slippery and allow sport without the risk of an accident.
Their colors remain completely stable to the effect of solar radiation and do not change over time (do not fade, do not blur)
Resistant to rain, frost, snow.
They prevent the development of high temperatures.

Types of Acrylic Floors


It is applied to asphalt or concrete infrastructure

Apply at least 3 layers of acrylic paint

Applies to any desired colors

White lines are used in 2 layers


It is applied to asphalt or concrete infrastructure

Primer and surface coating application

3 layers of rubber powder coatings

2 layers of acrylic paint as final layers


It is applied to asphalt or concrete infrastructure

Primer and surface coating apply

1 layer of rubber floor

2 layers of acrylic paint as final layers

Standard Acrylic Floor for Tennis Court

Usually, the professional tennis courts are designed in a rectangular shape with the size of 18 m by 36 m. These dimensions may vary in amateur tennis courts. The amateur courts can be seen at schools or residential sites. As also known, there are also the dimensions of the court from which the ball must not get out. These dimensions are determined to be 10,9 m by 23,7 m. in line with these dimensions. And also, red and green colors are preferred for artificial turf tennis court flooring at the construction of courts while acrylic style tennis courts can be made in any desired color. Of course, the size of the tennis net varies depending on the dimensions of the amateur tennis courts.

The Features of Tennis Court Flooring

Natural and artificial flooring materials can be used at tennis courts where grass or soil is used for those with natural floors. The courts with the same dimensions may have artificial flooring made from 3 materials such as tartan, acrylic or astroturf. The tennis nets are also prepared in standard size meeting ITF quality standards for professional and amateur courts.

For proper construction of an outdoor court, there should be an appropriate infrastructure.

Suggested Infrastructure

  • Excavation of the space at a depth of 30cm 
  • Coating with crumb.
  • Coating with 10cm 3A.
  • Tilt, moisten and concentrate infrastructure
  • Coating of 5cm A265 closed type asphalt pavement (sandstone) with mandatory or strictly sealed industrial helicopter flooring with double nylon in the infrastructure.
Standard Acylic Floor for Basketball Court

Exterior construction for Basketball courts

Dimensions of basketball courts: 

The size of a professional or outdoor basketball court is generally designed to be 28 m to 15 m while the normal height of the basketball hoop is 3.05 m above the ground.

Basketball stadiums are built in 4 main stages. The projects start with infrastructure projects, then continue with lighting, iron, and grids, and finally end up with the laying of floors.

The concrete is prepared and the anchors are initially placed on the infrastructure. Then, concrete or asphalt 10 cm thick is applied to the ground.

Iron and wire mesh

Iron pipes with a height of 4 m or 6 m are welded to the anchorages. At least three pipe layers are welded parallel to each other horizontally between these poles. PVC coated wire mesh with mesh size 5cm x 5cm is installed in the frame. The lighting is connected to the main poles according to the client’s request.

One of the artificial types of basketball flooring is being applied at this stage in the construction of the basketball court. Acrylic floor paint and tartan floor are mostly preferred in open-air terraces. We can also apply an acrylic pad added by rubber as an acrylic option.

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