TPE - ECO Friendly Rubber Infill

TPE an ECO friendly, an innovating rubber infill, for less amount of filling, better coloring and with the best performane of natural !

TPE Infill - An innovating ECO Friendly infill

TPE rubber infill is made 100% from recycled tires. These tires have been ground down to a pellet size to ensure that all wire and fiber have been removed. The infill is used in artificial turf systems to help the blades of grass stand up properly and to ensure drainage through the bottom of the grass. TPE rubber infill granule is produced with professional process in uniform size, full color and without dust.

Why artficial turf systems need infill ?

The artificial turf system requires the use of infill and quartz sand for artificial turf compaction, so to make the turf stable. Under normal circumstances, the quartz sand is placed underneath the artificial turf, while the infill is placed on top.

As the artificial turf is without any soil, the players are very prone to injury when they experience collision or fall due to the high stress of the body.

The right amount of elastic rubber infill can effectively simulate the feel of the soil, preventing the injury caused by physical collisions.

The artificial turf owns more smooth surface than the natural grass, especially with the right amount of filling particles can provide greater friction to the turf surface during the rainy days and can effectively enhance the performance of artificial turf.

So we realize that the infill is necessary for the artificial turf systems, and for this reason Easygrass brings you an innovating rubber infill for your sport facilities, the TPE!


Product advantages:

  • Good environment performance.
  • TPE is a new eco friendly polymer product.
  • Good recyclability with good value of the recycling.
  • Stable infill system can guarantee the stability of the trampling and running of the athletes, which is comparable to good natural soccer pitch.
  • Excellent shock absorbing.
  • TPE infill can protect players from scratches or abrasions.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Without overheating the space at high temperature, and it makes the ground temperature lower than that with the traditional rubber infills.
  • UV Resistance.
  • TPE Infill has excellent resistance to UV , slowing down the aging, which helps the pitch with a longer service life.
  • Low Bulk density.
  • TPE infill in hollow shape reduce the bulk density and the overall costs.
  • Good coloring.
  • Color can be customized.
  • Solvent and oil resistance.
  • TPE infill is good with oil resistance and corrosion resistance.