Hybrid Turf

The Three key ingredients for the success of Hybrid Lawn are:

1st Innovative ground mix. A stabilized soil consisting of sand and a high-tech ingredient developed for this hybrid turf, which benefits from this water and its ingredients. As a result, the roots of the natural turf have enough time to absorb water, so fewer nutrients need to be added and the composting process becomes much cheaper! In addition, the high tech component leaves more air to pass into the subsoil, resulting in greater cushioning, and if there is more porous air there is no longer a condensation problem. So the better the soil the healthier and the grass!

2nd The main component of the hybrid turf is the unique spiral shape of the fiber. Spiral fibers create an ideal and excellent bond with the roots of natural turf and guarantee excellent durability and elasticity. Moreover, the presence of the polymers present allows gentle contact during play on the court and the turf remains intact by the skittles and the extreme weather conditions. The tips of artificial fibers guarantee the behavior of a realistic game even the best players would not understand that they are playing in hybrid turf!

3rd The unique base system is characterized by its special and distinctive design that aims at 3 critical functions:

Allows full water permeability.
It keeps an excellent binding of the pile.
Protects artificial fibers.
So, briefly the benefits of Hybrid Lawn are:

Same feeling and quality with natural turf
Playing hours of 300 hours of a common natural turf are increased to 1000 hours of play.
Very high flexibility
A higher-level surface
Better drainage and adjustment of water.
Flexible placement options.
Better vibration absorption.
Laying Hybrid Turf:

It can be easily placed in a standard sandbox and ready for use after 2 to 3 months. Your placement lasts about 2 weeks.

Lawn Maintenance:

Common maintenance, grass mowing, nutritional needs and irrigation are applied.